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An experience to enliven all your senses.

Start off the day with an invigorating and relaxing yoga session on the beach, followed by a picnic  breakfast filled with traditional and seasonal delights. A relaxed morning boat tour around the island  hidden bays and secret swimming coves.

Take the afternoon off and relax.

A private chauffeur will come to pick you up in the evening and take you to an extraordinary viewpoint for a guided meditation that will heighten your senses, preparing you for an exquisite and sensual dining experience. Enjoy an exquisite

After dinner it will be time to return home with your chauffeur. Pleased of the day you have experienced; your body will be ready for a good night’s sleep.

7.30am to 9am            90-min beach yoga

9am to 9.45am            Picnic breakfast

10am to 2pm               Boat Tour 

6.30pm to 7pm          Private Chauffer

7pm to 7.45pm          Guided Meditation

8pm to 10pm             Gourmet Dinner

10pm       Private Chauffer to your hotel

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