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Pure Eros is curated and personalized experiences designed to immerse your body & soul in pleasure and connection to the sacred.

You will discover Capri in a way you have never known;  a poetic dance of the heart, in harmony with the simplicity and natural wonder of this rugged yet lavish jewel of the Mediterranean.

Designed to guide you through a full day of pure delight, Pure Eros explores all five senses through nature, spiritual practices, pampering, adventure, gastronomy and beauty. You may choose one of our signature experiences, or you may prefer to create your own experience with our guidance and your desires.

We will ensure that you and your entourage enjoy a bespoke adventure that leaves you deeply satisfied, and filled with wonder.  Meditation and yoga asana practice, speed boating, chef's table meals, private winery experiences, massage and body work- these are just the start of your possibilities. 

We created Pure Eros to give our guests the opportunity to partake in the treasures of Capri in ways that heighten the senses and bring you back to your childlike essence of innocence, wonder, enjoyment and adventure; artfully entwining the sacred and the sensual.

Have a look at our experiences and let your heart lead the way.

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Capri, Italy

+39 37 91 41 19 42

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