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Create Your Own Unique Experience 

Each menu item may be purchased on its own, added onto one of our exclusive experiences, or  create your own experience through mixing and matching the menu items below that tickle your fancy. Schedule a private consultation to allow us to help you design just the right experience for you and your entourage.


Guided Paddle Board Adventure

Guided Kayak Adventure                                           

Capri Vineyard Tasting                            

Capri Vineyard Tasting and Lunch         

Cooking Class with Exclusive Five Star Chef

Caprese Cooking Class

Three Course Gourmet Dinner     

Five Course Gourmet Dinner        

Seven Course Gourmet Dinner   

Picnic Lunch     

Picnic Breakfast 


Spa Treatments                            

Yoga  60-min

Yoga 90-min

Flight Board                                                                                                        

Gozzo Boat                                                 

Speed Boat                                                                                

Guided Meditation   



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